Dear Advertiser,

India,s premier news agency, NAI UMMEED NEWS AGENCY host the popular website. The website has become a destination for surfers at home and abroad now numbering close to 1,00,000 a day. The community of its registered surfers includes ministers, bureaucrats, business people, professionals, students, academicians and scholars among several others.

Currently, Nuna puts out more than 500 stories a day under various categories, including National, International Regional, Sports, Business and Entertainment, Besides, it. also, upload nearly 300 news photos a day.
For the advertisers, this represents a huge value proposition. The brand worth of Nuna is so strong and its presence through its website so widespread, as to benefit any company or government departments by sheer association. Besides, advertisement positions have been created at vantage points on the site that draws maximum surfer traffic.

Advertisers have various tariff options to choose from, options that fit their size and budget, NUNA marketing managers are clear about creating value for the advertisers, money. Naturally, they spare no effort to ensure that everything is done to maximize the visibility of the advertisement.

For further details, contact. marketing head
Mobile No.: 9315755133

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